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Chyron ships HyperX HD graphics system

The Duet HyperX runs Lyric, Chyron’s content creation and playout software.

Chyron has started shipping the Duet HyperX HD graphics system.

The character generator can be configured as HD-only, SD-only, or a combination of the two.

Duet HyperX runs Lyric, Chyron’s content creation and playout software, as well as a wide range of available features that includes multichannel operation, full motion compressed clips with key and Raid 5 storage. The system is MOS-ready and includes Chyron’s Intelligent Interface.

With the system, users can create 3-D scenes and objects that can be imported from a wide variety of sources, viewed and edited in 3-D space within Lyric, then incorporated within Lyric messages. All operations, including 3-D elements, clips, and animations, are completed in real time, with no rendering.

Other options available for the HyperX include Lyricstore by Proximity, a graphics management system that enables users to search and deploy graphics content from a wide variety of devices for repurposing in Lyric. Chyron MOS is available for either Avid's iNEWS or the Associated Press' ENPS systems. It includes a simplified UI that enables fast updates to the producers rundown and easy image replacement for pre-built templates.

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