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Chyron Receives New Patent

Chyron Corp. has been awarded a patent for technology enabling the integration of live television graphics data with a range of media platforms and consumer electronics devices. Two additional patents are pending.

The technology will make possible broader use of graphics content, according to Chyron, because it provides better integration between conventional television graphics production and the new media devices now appearing on the market. Instead of tailoring graphics production to each of the specialized application, the technology allows television graphics to be re-purposed and re-versioned.

"The unique technology underpinning this work comes at a particularly interesting time for our global television broadcast customers who are pursuing a strategy of making their original program content available on all manner of mobile devices and over the Internet," said Michael Wellesley-Wesley, Chyron president and CEO. "In technical terms, this work enables the generation of real-time triggers and metadata from graphics inserted into live programming, such as news, sports and gameshows."

Chyron plans additional announcements within the next few weeks and will be discussing the technology with broadcast customers at NAB2006.