Chyron Partners With REZN8 in Rebranding Project

Chyron Corp. recently agreed to partner with REZN8, a Hollywood digital design company, in a major television network rebranding project.

The long-term relationship is designed to revamp techniques by which television graphics have been created, especially in the area of transferring 2-dimensional projects into the Chyron environment. Other project goals are to drive down production costs and to make it easier to create graphics.

"We are very excited with this relationship we have established with Chyron and with the launch of this joint, multistaged development effort," said James Marsland, vice president of business affairs and a corporate director at REZN8. "REZN8 has a 20-year history of designing and creating visually-stunning graphical images systems for all of the major networks' sports programs so we intimately understand the needs of the Chyron end user. This, combined with our deep understanding of underlying technologies, gives us the insights as to what should be developed so as to enhance production efficiency and economies and for greater ease-of-use."

The project will involve the use of Chyron's HyperX graphics systems and Lyric PRO creation software.