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Chyron HyperX3 provides graphics platform for Canadian 3-D hockey broadcast

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) used two Chyron HyperX3 on-air graphics systems from Chyron during production of Canada's first 3-D broadcast, a hockey game between the Montreal Canadians and the Toronto Maple Leafs. During the Dec. 11 game at Toronto's Air Canada Center, the Chyron systems enabled a dynamic 3-D score bug and other graphics with 3-D objects and animation. The new score-generation system provided the game clock, penalties and out-of-town scores.

Trevor Pilling, executive producer of CBC’s “Hockey Night in Canada,” said the Chyron systems allowed his crew to prepackage the hockey graphics for the 3-D environment and successfully integrate them into the on-site broadcast workflow to provide a visually striking 3-D viewing experience.

Chyron’s HyperX3 features real-time 2-D/3-D animation and a variety of hardware and software features. The system is scalable to two independent channels, and the 3-D stereoscopic capability is a standard feature with the Lyric PRO 8 advanced creation and playout package.