Chrosziel Releases Sony Camcorder Accessories

Chrosziel LWS 401-429
Chrosziel GmbH has released a few accessories for Sony’s newest camcorder, the NEX-FS100E, and their PMW-F3 model.

The LightWeightSupport (LWS) 401-429, for the NEX-FS100E camera, enables a follow focus to be added to most lenses. Adjusted to the camera’s case, the LWS reportedly lets the camera move as far forward on the supporting rods as possible. A heavy duty version is available for single-chip cameras using PL lens mounts.

The LWS 401-415HD is an improved, heavy duty support upgrade for the Sony PMW-F3 camcorder. Its platform now stretches out as far as the camera base, reportedly making use of all points of support the camera body offers as well as the third thread in the back of the camera bottom.

Based in Heimstetten, Germany, Chrosziel specializes in mechanical, optical and electronic device add-ons for major label camcorders as well as wireless remote control systems and lens testing and service equipment.