Chrosziel develops dished-end camera plate for Sony EX-3 camcorder

Chrosziel has designed a form-fit dished-end camera plate that increases the contact surface for the Sony EX-3 camcorder. The modified plate distributes holding forces beyond the thread areas, providing twist protection and a safer hold for the camcorder.

The relatively small standard tripod attachment of the Sony EX-3 has prompted various calls for an improved design. Some have been created by different suppliers, however, either the shoulder pad had to be dismounted or the camera itself had to be manipulated resulting in breach of warranty. Sony now offers a version with two threads, however, it does not remedy the constructional weakness of the camera’s base part.

Chrosziel’s form-fit plate takes into account the screw sticking out of the camera’s base; a cut-out in the plate prevents the camera from damage and ensures perfect contact between the camera base and the plate of the support.

In another accessory for the Sony EX-3 and EX-1, Chrosziel has created a Gear Ring Segment allowing the use of fluid zoom drives on these cameras. The position of the grip of the motor zoom drive does not allow the classic way of mounting a gear drive.

The gear segment covers 143 degrees and is made of high-strength aluminum. It mounts on the lens’ ring instead of the little knob located there and ensures highly precise and sensitive manual zoom adjustment.