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Chinese broadcasters prepare communication networks for Olympics

Thirteen of China’s broadcasters will use Clear-Com products in a total of 14 outside broadcast (OB) vans, including two that belong to China Beijing TV (BTV), during this year’s Beijing Olympic Games.

While each of the vans uses on a different combination of equipment to broadcast the games, all rely on Clear-Com’s Eclipse digital matrix as the heart of their communications systems. The typical OB van setup will use a Clear-Com 32-port Eclipse digital matrix system and I-Series control panels with built-in microphone headset connections and four display key modules with a keypad. Designed with a high level of fault tolerance, Eclipse can offer continuous operation throughout the entire Olympics production, reinforced by built-in layers of redundancy, to deliver performance 24/7.

Many of the broadcasters have added FreeSpeak 10 digital wireless beltpacks to provide integrated communications for production teams that will move throughout the broadcast centers and sporting stadiums. Based on a cellular architecture, the 1.9GHz system operates on DECT technology that allows up to 10 beltpacks to roam seamlessly between remote active antennas.

The broadcasters include: BTV with two vans, Hunan ETV, STV (Shanghai), Jinan TV, Guangdong TV, QTV (Qingdao), Shandong TV, Zhejiang TV, Jiangsu TV, Dalian TV, Yunnan TV, Harbin and Heilongjiang.

Several, including Beijing TV and Shanghai TV, have contracted to continue using the Clear-Com equipment after the games. In addition, CCTV, China’s national broadcaster, has purchased communication equipment for the communications network during the Olympics. The gear includes two Clear-Com Eclipse Omega systems with 120 ports total. The equipment will form the heart of the network at the International Broadcasting Center (IBC) for the Olympics and CCTV’s new Television Culture Center (TVCC).

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