Chinese broadcast academy selects Tektronix test equipment

The China Academy of Broadcasting Science (ABS) has chosen new Tektronix instruments for its digital TV and HDTV standards development, compliance testing and certification.

ABS is the broadcasting R&D institution of the Chinese government that defines and develops the nation’s technical standards for broadcasting and cable. The new Tektronix PQA500 picture quality analyzer, WFM7100 waveform monitors and MTS430 MPEG analyzers will augment existing Tektronix video equipment.

With the proliferation of digital TV throughout China, the ABS lab is the DTV and HDTV standards gatekeeper for the broadcasting industry in the country. The lab offers standards compliance and acceptance test services for broadcasting equipment and systems to be applied by local broadcasters, cable TV network operators and satellite TV operators. Tektronix has provided assistance to ABS to increase the technical strength in China for next-generation digital TV.

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