China's Academy of Broadcast Science assesses video equipment with Tektronix

China’s Academy of Broadcast Science (ABS) under the State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television (SARFT) has recommended Tektronix analysis tools to determine video picture quality at its National Center of Test and Metrology for Radio and Television.

ABS/SARFT evaluated the Tektronix PQA200’s performance by comparing the equipment against subjective methods of testing quality. In subjective tests, viewers physically watch video monitors and sound alarms when they perceive degradation in the picture quality. However, subjective measurement is time intensive and thus impractical, especially for manufacturing operations. SARFT’s tests proved that objective analysis provides the fast, accurate, and repeatable picture quality measurements necessary in the development of video equipment, such as set-top boxes, MPEG codecs, and video servers. In the test, a high correlation coefficient of 0.94 was obtained from the comparison result of subjective and objective quality ratings. The measurement is based on technology in Tektronix’ PQA200 Picture Quality Analysis System.

The PQA200, and its replacement, the PQA300, are single channel analysis systems that provide complete, in-depth and objective picture quality analysis. The PQA is both a generator and analyzer of reference test material for testing compressed video systems. Standard inputs and outputs are 270 Mb/s serial component, with options for analog composite interfaces. The PQA can be used for algorithm tuning of video compression products and quality verification of video equipment, systems or networks.

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