Chicago’s Columbia College adds Panasonic HD cameras to new production truck

Columbia College Chicago has purchased four Panasonic AK-HC931B D multiformat studio/EFP cameras for a new mobile production truck that will be used for instruction and field production. The college is equipping the truck through a leasing agreement with local ABC affiliate WLS-TV.

WLS-TV has entered into a three-year lease with Columbia College whereby the ABC affiliate will use the truck for a certain number of dates throughout the year, while the college will use the mobile van the rest of the time. The partnership will also provide WLS internships for Columbia College Media Arts students.

The all-digital production vehicle was designed and built by the college’s Television and Audio Arts and Acoustics Departments, part of the School of Media Arts, under the supervision of chief engineers Dave Mason and Brett Johnson.

The Panasonic HC931B cameras, with 1080i/720p capability, are outfitted with Fujinon XA17x7.6 BERM HD zoom lenses with 2X extenders, as well as color LCD viewfinders and 2in HD electronic viewfinders for alternate studio/handheld use. Additional Panasonic production equipment onboard includes the AJ-HD1400 DVCPRO HD compact VTR, and two BT-LH1700W 17in LCD monitors, which will be used for quality control monitoring.

The college’s television department also owns three AG-HVX200 P2 HD camcorders, which students use for the college television station, Frequency TV. The station’s programming can be viewed in dorms, downloaded as iTunes podcasts, and is displayed in elevator lobbies and lounges throughout the campus.

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