Character Animation Technologies unleash the CAT

Character Animation Technologies, a New Zealand-based developer of animation software, has announced its first product, Character Animation Toolkit, or “CAT.”

Designed for animators by animators, CAT is an integrated character animation system plug-in for 3ds max, the 3D modeling, animation and rendering system from Discreet. CAT provides speed, efficiency and flexibility in creating fully customizable rigs and animation sequences. It is targeted to animation professionals in film, video, broadcast, and game development.

CAT provides 3ds max users with an open, customizable, expandable and intuitive toolset that shortens the learning curve while facilitating a streamlined workflow process. It features a parametric motioncycle system that frees the animator's creativity; intuitive keyframe controls that can be assigned to all 3ds max animation controllers; a mocap importer that supports popular motion capture formats; and a nonlinear animation system that allows animators to use all of the above simultaneously on different parts of a project.

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