Channel Master and Broadcast Interactive Media Combine Technologies

MADISON, WIS.— Broadcast Interactive Media has announced a strategic partnership with antenna maker Channel Master to create a more geo-spectific antenna-selection tool. The agreement calls for Channel Master to use BIM’s patented, location-specific technologies to power its own antenna selection tool—Antenna Choice. This web utility helps consumers discover which antenna will capture the most available free, over-the-air programming.

Antenna Choice prompts the user to enter an address and select an antenna type—indoor or outdoor. That information is used to calculate which channels may be received at that location and displays the specific Channel Master models that best receive them. Information on each recommended antenna’s placement and orientation for optimum reception is also provided. BIM’s patented Antenna Selector technology has been integrated into the Antenna Choice selection tool, which is accessible across multiple Channel Master websites and supports the U.S. nationwide television footprint.