CES2006: Micronas to Unveil Dual Channel HD Video Controller

Micronas plans to demonstrate its next-gen dual-channel video and graphics controllers ICs that support full HD resolution, especially for plasma and LCD technologies. On display at CES 2006 next month in Las Vegas, the units will employ two independent channels allowing a single-screen display of two images side-by-side--as Double Window, PIP or PAT (Picture-and-Text), without image degradation, according to published reports.

Also, WISchip, a new part of the Micronas group, will show the first in a series of reference designs based on its DeCypher 8100 real-time streaming media decoder SoC. The firm's new reference is designed to offer electronics manufacturers a turn-key resolution for speeding "time-to-market" (which is becoming increasingly important for manufacturers trying to stay flexible these days) for future generations of IPTV set-top boxes and HD-ED-SD TV sets.