CES: Samsung, Freescale and Intellon Demo UWB Networks

Samsung (opens in new tab) together with Freescale and Intellon are demonstrating hybrid network technology at CES.

Samsung is using the Intellon HomePlug AV powerline technology with the Freescale Semiconductor's UWB wireless technology to distribute HD content. At the CES demo, the HomePlug AV will be used as the server, sending HD content to the Samsung media server to several HDTV displays. At the same time, HD content will be sent via powerline from the Samsung media server to a Samsung client using UWB technology to wirelessly stream content to another HDTV, demonstrating how consumers can connect distribute content at home by connecting various digital devices.

The joint effort with Samsung and Freescale emphasizes the flexibility of the Intellon HomePlug AV to support UWB and other networking technologies, according to Andreas Melder, senior vice president of strategic business development, Intellon.