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CES: 3D Everywhere as HDMI readies 3D Spec

Several makers are putting out the word that 3DTV will be a big part of their respective exhibits next week at the 2009 International CES Show in Las Vegas, Jan. 7-10.

Among set makers and other CE firms expected to include the emerging technology at their CES exhibits are AMD, Nvidia, Samsung and LG (with LG having already announced it plans to ship as many as 400,000 3D-capable TV units in 2010).

Sony, too, is working feverishly on 3D implementation, and plans to provide coverage of some World Cup soccer action in 3D (along with “regular” 2D HD) this summer.

Helping accelerate the interest in 3D in general (besides the current theater blockbuster “Avatar,” which uses one of the three current systems of projector-driven 3D) was recent word that the Blu-ray Disc Association had completed work on its 3D spec for its 1080p disc standard.

Now the HDMI Consortium said it’s about to add 3D support to its latest spec (HDMI 1.4), which the group hopes will bring 3D games and motion pictures and movie to HD sets faster. HDMI (high-definition multimedia interface) cable connects STBs and other external devices to TV and computer displays (notably DTV sets) for HD content.

The consortium plans to meet in late January to choose a 3D format to be included within HDMI 1.4, which would make 3D, in effect, mandatory for CE makers to implement by installing ports to enable 3D for their various 3D-centric devices.