Century-Old Westinghouse is Pursuing HD LCD

Westinghouse is currently offering a 17-inch LCD monitor which represents the latest in contemporary stylizing and is practical for use in the kitchen, bedroom or home office, according to the company. Consumers can watch DVD movies and HD video on the 16:9 screen and also take advantage of the screen's wide display for HD-level video games.

The LCD computer monitor is designed to be versatile, allowing users to view documents and multi-task on other projects because the screen size allows for several windows to be read simultaneously.

A new 15-inch LCD monitor is being marketed by Westinghouse as a first step for consumers upgrading to a thin, space-saving HD-Gradeä LCD. The monitor provides a brighter, faster and more vivid image than ordinary LCD monitors, the company reports.

Westinghouse digital LCD monitors (including HD for computers) offers increased resolution, brightness and contrast ratios for a variety of tasks, including viewing documents, e-mail exchanges, digital photos and HD video.