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CEDIA: Sony 240Hz LCD to Arrive for Holidays

120 Hz, you say? That's so yesterday (almost literally). Sony took advantage of CEDIA last week to intro a couple of flat-panel LCD HD models—including its new 52-inch unit (model KDL-52XBR7), featuring 240 Hz frame-rate technology.

According to the company, its LCD unit's newly configured motion-flow algorithm steps well ahead of traditional 120 Hz by "quadrupling the frame rate of conventional LCD TVs and interpolating three new frames," which is geared to enhancing video crispness and motion capture.

Four 1080/60 24p HDMI inputs are included for the KDL-52XBR7, along with two 1080/60p HD component inputs, a 1080/60p-capable input for PCs, and an Ethernet (RJ-45) port.

Yet the 240 Hz HD sets are not scheduled to ship to retailers in North America and elsewhere until sometime in December, which is a bit late for the important holiday sales season.