CCTV relies on CamPac2, Newscaster system for Chinese holiday festivities

When China Central Television (CCTV) needed to find a microwave technology supplier for its first ever HD coverage of the Chinese National Day Parade, it turned to Nucomm’s CamPac2 wireless camera transmitter and Newscaster DR1 diversity receiver.

The National Day coverage is a follow-on project from the 2008 Olympic Games, where Nucomm provided CCTV with five CamPac2 units and Newscaster DR1 units for CCTV’s HD coverage of the games.

To cover the parade during the day, two CamPac2 transmitters, along with GoPac2 5W docking amplifier units, were placed in cars that followed Chinese President Hu Jintao’s vehicle as he drove along the 3mi parade route. In addition, there were two wire-cam systems suspended across Tiananmen Square with a total run of 3280ft each. A helicopter downlink system was also used for live airborne coverage.

The two CamPac2 transmitters used in the cars during the day were redeployed as regular camera systems for the evening transmission. The helicopter was also used for airborne coverage of the evening performance.