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CBS uses wireless HD for PGA events

Television production of golfing events has always been difficult because of the large amount of fiber cables required to cover holes spread over a large playing area. Earlier this month, CBS Sports overcame some of the major obstacles by deploying recently available wireless HD cameras and transmission systems for the PBS Buick Invitational, live from Los Angeles.

CBS has subcontracted with Broadcast Sports (BSI) to use Link HD wireless camera transmission systems (supplied by Microwave Radio Communications) for all CBS golf telecasts beginning this year. Six to 14 Link HD transmit systems are being used at each of the more than 20 U.S.-based PGA Tour Events.

The Link XP HD camera-mounted transmitter, which supports all primary broadcast HD formats, operates at 1.95GHz-2.7GHz or 3.40GHz-3.58GHz. Its low signal delay allows use alongside wired cameras. CBS is using the 1080i format for the PGA broadcasts.

Because audio latency issues are persistent in golf production, the Link system was chosen in test trials because it achieved the lowest end-to-end HD encode/decode latency at less than 50ms.

The PGA broadcasts are also using the new $15 million "HD12" HD mobile production unit from National Mobile Television of Torrance, CA. The truck has three 53ft expanding sections, making it one of the largest and most advanced mobile production units now in use.

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