CBS Sports relies on Utah Scientific control, routing in HD coordination room

CBS Sports is using Utah Scientific MC-2020 SD/HD master control and UTAH-400 HD routing switchers in its prototype HD sports coordination room.

CBS has nine SD sports coordination rooms, which it uses to coordinate the switching and routing operations of concurrent games and pre-game shows throughout the country, as well as to insert commercials. CBS considers its new room a prototype for its HD sports broadcasting and plans to transition all of the SD rooms to HD.

Both the MC-2020 HD and UTAH-400 HD were designed to provide an easy upgrade path from analog to SD to HD operations, as well as the ability to perform complex switching operations.

CBS Sports installed the Utah Scientific MC-2020 HD master control switcher in the new room in conjunction with the UTAH-400 HD routing switcher. The 64x64 UTAH-400 sits in front of the dual-channel MC-2020, allowing CBS to increase the sources available to the MC-2020 as needed.

The MC-2020 comes standard with a fast commercial breakaway feature, particularly useful for large broadcasters, such as CBS, to coordinate the insertion of regional commercials quickly within one game broadcast for different parts of the country.

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