CBS Newspath Deploys Scopus Transmission Gear for Political Conventions

CBS Newspath deployed Scopus Network Technologies DVB digital video transmission gear to deliver newsfeeds of the political conventions.

The Scopus CODICO platform allowed CBS Newspath to deliver up to 15 channels for CBS affiliates to pick up feeds of the Democratic and Republican conventions.

"We selected Scopus CODICO platforms for convention coverage because the equipment's statistical multiplexing capability allows us to maximize our satellite inventory by fitting more channels into less bandwidth while maintaining the high quality of our broadcast signals," said Tom Fearing, CBS Newspath director of technical operations.

Eight VBR channels were multiplexed into an MCPS stream with Scopus E-1000 encoders for the RNC in New York's Madison Square Garden. The Scopus NMS-4000 management system routed data into two RTM Series multiplexers. The 12-channel MCPC uplink package was created using additional RTM-3310 multiplexers that aggregated four CBR ASI stream channels.

An SDM 2020 modulator passed output to a CODICO RSW-7200 redundant switch that then sent output to an Advent uplink system for transmission to IA6 Transponder 3 as a 47.25MBps MCPC carrier. From there, affiliates around the United States were able to downlink the data.