CBS News and Veritone Re-up, Expand Available Library Content

Veritone/CBS News
(Image credit: Veritone)

COSTA MESA, Calif.—Veritone and CBS News will continue its decade-long partnership as the two sides have announced a multi-year agreement that extends their content licensing deal.

Veritone is a provider of digital content licensing services, and for the last ten-plus years has helped TV producers, filmmakers and content creators have access to archival and breaking news content from CBS News.

With this new deal, Veritone is set to increase the amount of CBS News footage available for creators to license and leverage. It will also apply its own proprietary AI technology, aiWARE, to assist with the content search and delivery process.

CBS News content can be found at the Veritone Content Licensing site (opens in new tab), which features more than 2.5 million hours of programming from “60 Minutes,” “CBS Evening News” and more.