CBS ‘Blue Bloods’ seen through Angenieux lenses

The CBS television series “Blue Bloods” uses Angenieux Optimo lenses for production, including the Optimo 15-40, 28-76, 17-80 and 24-290mm zoom lenses.

Offhollywood, a digital cinema solutions company, has recently outfitted the CBS production of “Blue Bloods” with Optimo zoom lenses and Red One MX digital cameras. Each episode is contained, and only eight days are scheduled to create 45 minutes of content.

The Optimo 24-290mm lens has quickly become the show’s standard set-up lens because it allows the company to work at the breakneck speed required without sacrificing quality. The lenses, said the production company, are comparable or exceed the quality of most prime lenses.

The Angenieux Optimo lenses were field tested prior to the start of production and evaluated against comparable primes. Production of “Blue Bloods” began with a full set of master primes and the Optimo zooms but the quality and flexibility of the Optimo lenses quickly stood out in comparison. The primes were returned in exchange for additional Optimos.

Currently, 95 percent of the show is shot using Angenieux glass, which ranges in speed between T2.2 and T2.8. The show said it is not unusual for an Angenieux representative to visit the set to ensure the lenses are in full working order, plus the company offers on-call support and in-field servicing.