CBC/Radio-Canada Taps ETL’S RF Gear for New Broadcast Center

ETL Systems
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MONTREAL—ETL Systems has announced that CBC/Radio-Canada’s new state of the art production center in Montreal has been equipped with ETL Systems’ RF distribution equipment.

The Canadian public broadcaster is using the equipment to ensure the reliability of RF signals being carried from the rooftop antenna park to the satellite reception facility.

The new 420,000 square foot, state-of-the-art Maison de Radio-Canada will broadcast 13 radio stations and CBC’s French-speaking arm with 20 TV channels and 80 radio channels operating out of the hub. The new center is completely fiber-based and will help the broadcaster move towards IP.

ETL’s RF distribution equipment was supplied through its partner Consultation Pefau Consulting, which it has worked with since 2016.

The broadcast center has included ETL’s Hurricane 64x 64 RF switch matrix (HUR-10) equipped with active fiber optic input modules, L-band Alto line amplifier and 8, 16 and 32-way single L-Band Active Dextra splitters.

Bill Pryle, RF consultant at ETL Systems noted in a statement that broadcasters are having to upgrade infrastructure to meet the ever-growing demand for news, information and entertainment. 

“During the last 5 years, lots of broadcasters, especially in North America, have either upgraded or moved broadcasting facilities to expand, improve or ensure the quality of service being provided,” Pryle said. “In CBC/Radio-Canada’s case, its new facility in Montreal is state-of-the-art and has moved the broadcaster towards IP, which will support its broadcast of huge one-off events or regular local ones, as well its ability to essentially transmit channels and information anywhere at any time."

“That’s why CBC/Radio-Canada wanted to ensure all RF equipment used in its new facility met stringent requirements around reliability and could work hand-in-hand with IP,” he added. “ETL’s RF matrices, RF amplifiers and RF splitters met these criteria and will play their part in distributing the satellite signals to the satellite receivers - to ensure continued quality coverage.”

The installation is the second time that the broadcaster has used ETL’s RF distribution equipment. It also worked with the manufacturer on the Canadian Broadcasting Centre in Toronto in 2016, where ETL’s StingRay RF Over Fibre equipment is installed.

George Winslow

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