Caringo Offering Free 100 TBs of Storage to M&E Firms

AUSTIN, TEXAS—Looking to help media and entertainment firms that are struggling to store, manage and protect their digital assets, scale-out cloud and object storage company Caringo is announcing that it is offering free full-featured 100 TB Swarm licenses to qualified firms. Among those eligible to receive the storage help are recording studios, content creation and post-production houses, broadcasters and studios.

Caringo’s Swarm is being used to create securely accessible digital asset libraries and storage services for government, telecommunications, education, corporate and entertainment organizations. Swarm can be installed on any mix of standard storage hardware, providing storage resources with asset protection, lifecycle management, search and security built in.

Swarm can integrate into media production and post, distribution and archive workflows, delivering up to 75 percent reduction in storage TCO through unique hardware, operational and workflow efficiencies. Some of these include automated policy-based protection; cross-platform collaboration and access enabled by Write/Read/Edit via HTTP, S3 or NFS interchangeably; and rapid asset retrieval and instant delivery via integrated search with the ability to add custom metadata.

The 100 TB license and integration consultation is immediately available to qualified firms. More information can be found at