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CanWest Global Toronto upgrades news facilities with Wheatstone console

Following the lead of its sister station BCTV in Burnaby, BC, CanWest Global Toronto has selected a Wheatstone TV-80 audio console for its recent studio upgrade to digital production. BCTV recently installed the TV-80 to support its popular “Sports Page” program. The Toronto purchase brings the total count of Wheatstone consoles purchased by parent CanWest Global to five.

The facility's main audio control room has undergone a significant expansion as part of a larger project to enhance the organization's live news capabilities. The new Wheatstone TV-80 digital audio console will also support the Toronto station’s future growth of its news services, a morning show and increased network responsibility.

Bob Burns, Director of Technical Services for Global, said the current upgrade has significantly improved its news gathering abilities, resulting in the addition of a helicopter, microwave and satellite ENG trucks as well as two-way, fiber-optic connectivity. Between six and ten live remotes are now produced in each one-half hour program and the TV-80's ample mix-minuses give reporters the ability to communicate with the station as well as the ability to hear each other.

The TV-80 is capable of sending two stereo master and two mono master feeds to the network if necessary. Additional stereo or mono outputs can be created simultaneously with the console’s available group, masters and aux outputs.

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