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Canopus unveils CWS-30 real-time mobile editing workstation

Canopus unveiled its CWS-30. The CWS-30 is a mobile editing workstation designed for remote location production. It offers three streams of real-time DV output. Combined with Canopus's DV codec technology and Rextor NLE application software, the laptop-based CWS-30 provides video professionals with a powerful and complete portable NLE system for remote location broadcasting, electronic newsgathering and on-location feature-film and documentary production.

CWS-30 is designed to work in conjunction with other CWS series products, such as the CWS-100, or as a stand-alone solution for remote location production and broadcasting. At the heart of the CWS-30 is Rextor, Canopus's nonlinear editing software solution. In addition to render-free, real-time DV output of three video streams, Rextor offers professional features suited for broadcast applications, including clip management with search and store capabilities, real-time 2D/3D transitions, titling with motion speed control, and a collection of video filters and keyers. Filters include YUV and RGB Color Correction with real-time vectorscope/waveform display. CWS-30 also lets editors create MPEG files for DVD, streaming video files, industry-standard EDLs for use on other production and broadcast systems, and project files compatible with other Canopus CWS editing systems.

CWS-30 provides quick data transfer of footage from the camera to the CWS-30 using the Sony DSR-DU1 DVCAM video disk unit. The DSR-DU1 docks onto the rear of compatible camcorders and records video and audio signals on its internal hard disk drive. Using the IEEE 1394 i.LINK connector, these files can be directly transferred to Rextor's bin window, so editors can begin editing without delay.

Canopus also offers the CWS-MP300 external mobile video storage pack. CWS-MP300 boasts five hours of DV storage capacity in a compact 2.5-inch enclosure. This hot-pluggable, FireWire storage pack delivers data transfer rates three times faster than standard DV for a data transfer rate of 11MB/sec.

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