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Canon introduces XU-80 PTZ camera

Canon has introduced the XU-80 remote-control PTZ HD camera. This compact, integrated HD PTZ camera system offers fast pan-and-tilt action, and a waterproof and dustproof design for either outdoor or indoor use.

Incorporating a CMOS HD 2.1-megapixel imaging sensor, a Genuine Canon 20x HD zoom lens (with additional 12x digital zoom) for telephoto performance, and broadcast-grade features such as genlock input and HD-SDI output in a small design, the camera is ideal for use in outdoor sports and event broadcasting, weather and traffic POV camera installations, houses of worship, indoor event videography, venue I-mag (image magnification), education, homeland security, medical and many other applications.

The XU-80 HD PTZ camera is capable of fast, smooth, and highly precise movements even while simultaneously panning and tilting at a maximum rate of 60˚/sec. The camera features a pan range of ±180˚ and a tilt range of +220˚/-40˚. As quick and nimble as the XU-80 is, it is also extremely quiet while in motion. With a maximum noise level of NC30, it is well-suited for use in quiet environments where noise distractions are not permitted, including video, radio, and performance studios, hospital operating theaters, conference rooms, and lecture halls.

The housing of the XU-80 meets the IP-55 enclosure rating for waterproof and dustproof integrity, enabling the camera to be installed in environmentally challenging outdoor or indoor locations. Along with the standard XU-80, the XU-80W is a model optimized for permanent outdoor installation and comes equipped with a wiper unit to maintain lens port clarity and a servo neutral density (ND) filter unit to optimize picture quality. Both models are also equipped with an integral waterproof microphone that allows for the capture of sound at the camera location.

Further adding to the versatility of the new XU-80 PTZ HD camera is its advanced low-light capability and Night Mode. When shooting under low-light conditions, the XU-80 can acquire extra brightness by using a slow-shutter (frame accumulation) function. The camera’s black & white mode, without the Infrared cut filter, will also support shooting in near-darkness. Dynamic Range Compensation allows for shooting in environments with a high contrast of light and shade (such as an office building lobby on a sunny day) by automatically correcting the contrast of the video according to the range of scene illumination.

A locally switchable output/control feature enables users to select either 1080i or 720p HD output (via a convenient HD-SDI connection) with simultaneous SD analog composite (NTSC or PAL) for monitoring. A genlock input on the XU-80 provides it with the synchronization signal necessary for TV station use and other broadcast applications.

Remote control of the XU-80 PTZ HD camera’s pan, tilt, and zoom movements employs a nonproprietary control protocol that enables users and system integrators to interface the camera with their own control system or that of a range of third-party providers. Control can be toggled between RS-232 and RS-422, making the XU-80 extremely adaptable to new and existing multi-camera environments.

Compact and lightweight at only 14.5lbs., the XU-80 PTZ HD camera includes a built-in handle for convenient portability. The XU-80 can be mounted upright or in an inverted ceiling mount. In either position, the picture image will automatically flip when the tilt angle reaches 90˚.

The XU-80 PTZ HD camera is scheduled to be available at the end of March 2012.