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Canon HD lenses focus on new Spanish mini-series

MegaFilms, the filmed entertainment division of the Spanish Broadcasting System, is shooting its 12-hour miniseries “Gabriel” with a set of six Canon HD electronic cinematography (HD-EC) prime lenses and a Canon HJ8x5.5B KLL-SC cine zoom lens.

“Gabriel” is shot in 24p/1080i HD with Canon’s 2/3in cine prime lenses and the HJ8x5.5B KLL-SC cine zoom lens.

Canon’s six cine prime lenses feature a 280-degree rotation angle; the three cine zoom lenses (models HJ8x5.5B KLL-SC, HJ11x4.7B KLL-SC, and HJ21x7.5B KLL-SC) provide a 270-degree range. Focus and iris indications on all of these lenses are engraved with large and luminous scales, with focus distances marked in feet. Gear rings are compatible with studio focus rigs, manual fluid zoom drives, and motorized control systems that have long been standardized for film lenses.

These lenses feature optimization of the modulation transfer function (MTF), especially at wider aperture settings.

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