Canford adds to test and measurement range

Canford has introduced its P48 phantom power tester (top) and The Phantone Tone Generator. Both displays the presence of 48v by illuminating red LED’s.

Canford has placed a high emphasis upon its own expanding range of test and measurement equipment. The company has introduced its P48 phantom power tester, the Ultrasonic Seal Tester, its Quick Check system and its new D-Sub ‘Bodge Plug.’

The P48-Check is designed to accept a male 3-pin XLR connector. It displays the presence of a 48v supply by brightly illuminating red LED’s. These also indicate the presence of 12v phantom power by illuminating at a lower intensity.

The Phantone Tone Generator is similar to the P48-Check. This duel function gizmo displays the presence of 48v by illuminating red LED’s, but also generates a tone and sends it back down the line to the main board thus providing an audible ‘signal present’ warning.

The new 25 pin D-Sub ‘Bodge Plug’ is the latest addition to the unique Canford Bodge Plug family. It is a range of different types of connectors with spring-loaded terminals permitting engineers to make quick and effective connections when there is no means of soldering available. Bare the wires to be connected and clamp them in the jaws of the terminal. Significantly, all these gadgets can be used as a quick test of signal presence.

The D-Sub version takes this concept and expands it to cover the 25-pin variant of this connector and cuts down the time to perform a test by the time it takes to solder the 25 wires to the connector.

The Portable Digital Audio Analyser handles both consumer and professional audio formats such as SPDIF and AES/EBU. The Palm Plot sized device performs a wide variety of tests and it displays the results through comprehensive LED indicators on the front panel. Amongst the tasks it performs are channel status, errors present, and operating sample frequency. It contains a high quality 18-bit D/A converter providing output to a headphone jack.

Canford’s Ultrasonic Seal Tester comprises a generator and a receiver and is housed in two die cast cases. It is designed to identify the smallest of sound leakage from one area into another. It also has the facility to alter its sensitivity as the environment being tested demands.

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