Canada’s Weather Network Captures With Ikegami

The Weather Network has added four Ikegami GFCam HDS-V10 Flash RAM HD camcorders to its equipment inventory. The new units will be used for video production at the Oakville, Ontario-based weather coverage operation, and will also be seen on the operation’s French language sister network, MetroMedia, which is based in Montreal.

“Our video is not only used for The Weather Network TV platform, it’s also available on the Web, on mobile devices, and other multimedia sources, so workflow is of major importance to us,” said Kiko Grusecki, The Weather Network’s director of broadcast operations. “The Ikegami GFCam will be a benefit for both networks because we will be taking our files, downloading them, and sending them to MeteoMedia as well.”

The GFCam HDS-V1o records HD using MPEG-2 compression and the MXF file wrapper, ensuring compatibility with all mainstream editing systems.

“The most important aspect to us is the GFCam’s file format,” said Grusecki. “We have a file-based workflow and need to be able to move our files around easily. The file format of the Ikegami GFCam helps us a lot because we can wrap and unwrap our files easily, and it is supported by all of our editing software, including Avid and Final Cut Pro.”