Canada’s Global TV installs audio processor from Linear Acoustic

Linear Acoustic has supplied seven of its OCTiMAX 5.1 Digital Television Audio Processors to Global TV, one of Canada's three national networks, for a new national master control facility in Calgary. The units provide multichannel processing for six dedicated network feeds: two for Ontario, one for Manitoba, two for Alberta and one for British Columbia — the seventh system is patchable to handle 5.1-channel satellite and related feeds.

In addition to controlling multichannel audio levels for the network's HD broadcasts, the OCTiMAX units also handle stereo-to-5.1-channel upmixing of legacy two-channel material.

Global TV serves five time zones using locally generated material in addition to programming from U.S.-based networks, including NBC, CBS, Fox and ABC. Global TV's specialty networks comprise COOL TV, DejaView, Fox Sports World, Lonestar, MENTV, Mystery, TVTropolis and Xtreme Sports.

Combining multichannel, multiband dynamic audio processing with a stereo-to-5.1-channel upmixer, OCTiMAX 5.1 accepts a conventional stereo analog or digital signal and produces a fully mono- and stereo-compatible, 5.1-channel output audio signal. A proprietary auto voiceover feature allows insertion of voiceover audio, while UpMax — a two-channel-to-5.1-channel upmixer with full control of center width and surround depth — enables local and network audio to be converted to surround-sound audio. The resulting signal is fully mono, stereo and matrix surround compatible.

Sonotechnique PJL, which provides service and support for Linear Acoustic products from offices in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, filled the order.

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