Camera Corps pitches Q-Ball at NAB

Camera Corps will introduce its new Q-Ball HD remote camera system at NAB, designed for ENG, live broadcasting, reality shows and studio productions.

Q-Ball allows users to obtain video in full HD quality from practically any location, day or night. It incorporates 10X zoom optics (5.1mm to 51mm) and smooth-accelerating pan/tilt motors in a weatherproof aluminum sphere with a diameter of only 115mm.

The system can be used upright or inverted without need for any structural reassembly, allowing fast installation and derigging. The camera is based on the company’s HD MiniZoom, which was used to televise sporting events during the summer 2009 Olympic Games in Beijing.

The Q-Ball can be used under practically any studio or exterior lighting conditions. An infra-red option also delivers pictures in total darkness.

Attractive external styling was an important design consideration as cameras frequently appear in the shot during reality shows. The device is available in a variety of colors, allowing set designers to highlight a camera or to camouflage it.