Cambridge Imaging Systems to manage Imperial War Museum archive

Cambridge Imaging Systems will supply the Imperial War Museum (IWM) with advanced software to help manage its film and audio archive and to assist in making content available online.
The film and video archive of the IWM is one of the oldest film archives in the world, with expanding collections extending to more than 20,000 hours of film and videotape in a variety of formats. In addition, it is now starting to acquire file-based digital material. At present, around one-third of this material has online documentation, but there’s currently no online access to any moving images.

The IWM’s Web site will be developed through the coming years to become a virtual branch of the IWM. At the same time, internal ICT network and storage will be upgraded.

At the heart of the new system will be the Imagen Media Control Centre (IMCC) developed by Cambridge Imaging systems. This will manage the workflow of ingesting, decoding, transcoding and distributing digital images via the museum’s Web site. Researchers and the general public will be able to search for archived material and view contemporary footage and still images relating to world conflict throughout the past century.

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