Calrec Offering Calrec Sound Institute Training Courses

(Image credit: Calrec)

HEBDEN BRIDGE, U.K.—Calrec is going the online education route, announcing the launch of the Calrec Sound Institute, which offers online certification training courses for Calrec products.

The first two courses available are for Calrec’s Brio and Type R digital audio consoles. The courses provide an overview of the consoles for engineers and operators, as well as being able to serve as a way for experienced professionals to hone their skills.

The courses cover hardware, I/O, routing, mix minus, busses and monitoring. They are designed to get users confident in operating the consoles. Those that complete the courses will be officially certified for the Brio and/or Type R systems.

Calrec intends to expand its training service with a series of detailed AoIP masterclasses that cover what broadcast facilities need to know about IP, including how it works and its industry impact.

Additional Calrec Sound Institute offerings include free operator manuals for Calrec products, Calrec’s Audio Primer, the Summa Training Course—a selection of 66 video tutorials—and a cleaning guide for Calrec equipment.

“We have always had an open-door training policy at Calrec, but COVID-19 has significantly shifted the broadcast landscape and it’s our responsibility to help customers develop with tools that can be accessed remotely,” said Henry Goodman, director of product development at Calrec. “As workflows continue to evolve, online training courses are increasingly important to help customers learn key products and be able to show that they have done so via certification.”

Learn more about the Calrec Sound Institute (opens in new tab) online.