Calhoun Satellite Communications adopts 10-bit compression

Mobile satellite uplink service provider Calhoun Satellite Communications has announced it has upgraded its multiplatform DSNG fleet with ATEME’s MPEG-2 and H.264 4:2:2 10-bit contribution encoders and decoders. 

Beginning in early 2012, Calhoun covered several professional football, basketball, motor racing and national news events using ATEME’s Kyrion CM4101 encoder and DR8400 H.264 HD 10-bit 4:2:2 integrated receiver decoder (IRD), both of which also support MPEG-2 operation for legacy mobile uplink requirements.

“Calhoun Satellite is proud to be the first mobile uplink operator with a Dual Dish C/Ku Band vehicle on the road, and now a 10-bit codec on board” said Calhoun Satellite Communications owner David Fruitman

Today, Calhoun's inventory includes two dual-dish C-/Ku-band trucks, three Ku-band trucks, one C-band and one Ku-band trailer. Calhoun's trucks are based in locations between Miami and Pittsburgh to provide easy access to a wide geographic area throughout North America.