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Buffalo Bills choose solid-state storage with P2

The NFL’s Buffalo Bills recently purchased Panasonic P2 HD production equipment to shoot game-day features that will be shown on the team’s 82ft by 35ft in-stadium HD video display. The same programming that airs in the facility’s suites and club areas will be carried on the team’s closed-circuit cable network.

Bills Television Network (BTN) purchased a Panasonic P2 HD production package that includes the AG-HPX500 2/3in shoulder-mount P2 HD camcorder, the AJ-HPM110 P2 Mobile recorder/player, AG-HPG10 P2 Gear recorder, and the AJ-PCD20 five-slot P2 drive.

BTN will also use the tapeless HPX500 HD camcorder to shoot widescreen content for the team’s Web site, Ultimately, BTN will produce HD programming for its in-season TV shows.

The HPX500 will also be used to shoot halftime features during the pre-season. The P2 HD material will be edited on Avid Media Composers and then transferred via FTP to a central Ross Video SMS server, which will feed the HD display and in-stadium TV service.

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