BSkyB Plans 3D HD Launch

Satellite broadcaster BSkyB has already announced plans for rolling out a 3D HD channel for the United Kingdom and Ireland (and soon thereafter, elsewhere in Europe) in the next several months, and 3ality Digital will be one of the DBS service's key partners in the new venture.

Sky's 3D service is being designed to be broadcast across its existing HD infrastructure--and most importantly (at least for consumers) is that it will be available via the current generation of Sky+HD set-top boxes.

3ality Digital, based in Burbank, Calif., said its automation processes (which have been used in the United States to demo NFL games and other live events in 3D) are designed for "full metadata capture" in its camera platforms to help create imaging and audio that is both "immersive and dynamic."

Sky plans to use 3ality's 3D camera rigs and proprietary image-processing equipment necessary for 3D HD broadcasts. On the receiving end, Sky+HD subs customers will be required to purchase 3D-enabled TV sets, which will hit United Kingdom, Irish, and other retailers by the third quarter of the year, according to 3ality Digital.