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Broadcaster's PSAs Helped Generate Over $9B in 2003

Last year, commercial radio and television stations generated over $9 billion in public service though a combination of airtime donated for public service announcements (PSAs) and money raised for charity and disaster relief, according to NAB.

"Local broadcasters can stand proud for the enormous pro-social contributions stations make in bettering the lives of listeners and viewers," said NAB President and CEO Edward O Fritts.

The $9.6 billion contribution resulted from an industry census sent earlier this year to more than 11,000 full-power commercial radio and TV stations. Broadcasters documented from Jan. 1 through Dec. 31, 2003 the number of PSAs they aired, and the amount of money raised for charity through direct station fundraising appeals, and funds raised for disaster relief.

Census findings indicate:

* Local radio stations aired on average 195 PSAs per week, while local TV stations aired 143 PSAs per week;
* The value of PSA airtime was based on a "run of schedule" rate, which is one of the least expensive rates charged to commercial clients;
* Sixty-five percent of all radio PSAs and 56 percent of all TV PSAs focused on local issues of importance to the station's communities.

Responses to the census data-provided by 50 state broadcast associations-were collected and tabulated by Virginia-based Public Opinion Strategies (POS).