Broadcast Pix V.3.5 Connects With Cloud-Based Content for Live Productions

BILLERICA, MASS.— Broadcast Pix has released its new v.3.5 software, which adds cloud-based content access of its Flint integrated production system to its Mica and Granite systems.

The company also introduced Fluent Rapid CG 3 for creating data-intensive graphics with automated database integration, and Fluent Rapid CG LT, a light version that can access RSS and Twitter feeds.

V3.5 enables any Broadcast Pix system to run the new Fluent Rapid CG software and connect cloud-based content and data directly to on-air graphics. Fluent Rapid CG LT connects to Twitter and other cloud-based data sources. RSS, clock and weather feeds can flow directly into on-air graphics, and Tweets can flow directly to air or be pre-screened with a management system. Action buttons can now trigger multiple tags.

Fluent Rapid CG 3 includes all the LT features plus dual-channel connectivity to local and cloud-based content databases, news automation, and scoreboards. Rapid CG 3 allows sports scores in league databases to automatically flow into on-air graphics. It also adds support for OES Scoreboard data and Web-based XML databases.

V3.5 connects any system to cloud-based resource for access to animations, clips and databases during live productions. Using Fluent Watch-Folders, V3.5 allows access to files from Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive Drive or any cloud-based content resource. The system operator is alerted when a file arrives, the file’s thumbnail appears on the system monitor and the file name appears on the control panel’s button.

Other features include enhanced PixMaster file management software to view and manage file metadata. All 1 M/E control panels can now provide control for 2 M/E systems. The software also delivers enhanced Sony camera control and audio-follow-video functionality.

“Our version 3.5 software fulfills our promise to deliver integrated production systems that embrace the cloud,” said CEO Steve Ellis. “Cloud-based content continues to become more important in the live production environment. Whether it’s a Skype video interview, a last-minute graphic from a designer across the country or even Tweets, Broadcast Pix makes it easy to ingest and manage content – and then include that content on the air without lip sync or formatting issues.”

V3.5 is a free upgrade for all Granite and Mica systems under warranty, and is available as a paid upgrade or with a warranty extension for those out of warranty.