Broadcast Pix Teams With EZNews

BILLERICA, MASS.—Broadcast Pix has partnered with Automated Data Systems to offer integrated news automation systems designed micro stations, Web broadcasters, universities and others.

The systems include the Broadcast Pix Flint live production and streaming system, new EZNews LT news production software from Automated Data Systems and interface software that enables EZNews titles to automatically flow into the Flint’s built-in CG.

The system can be run by a small crew or a single person. Flint includes a production switcher, clip server, Harris Inscriber CG, macros, customizable multi-view, robotic camera control and a choice of control surfaces. It can incorporate content from cloud-based sources and output six broadcast formats while streaming and recording. EZNews LT software provides highly integrated scripting, show building/rundowns, timing, prompting, and real-time, on-air show control. The interface software enables a reporter or producer to enter CG content while scripting, then, with a one-click upload, playout titles and graphics on the Flint CG.

“Broadcast Pix is a great integrated platform for EZNews,” added Bill Sacia, president, Automated Data Products. “EZNews LT adds the proven application for planning and creating highly professional live news content.”

EZNews LT is available in single user, three-user, six-user and larger configurations. The Flint system supports up to six cameras, but other Broadcast Pix systems that handle up to 22 cameras can also be paired with EZNews LT.