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Broadcast Pix switcher at the heart of HD flypack production at AT&T

The Internal Communication Media Division at AT&T is using two new mobile production systems built into flypack cases that include the Broadcast Pix Slate 3000 live integrated production system. The new HD Flypak mobile production systems are used to produce and stream HD programming live to tens of thousands of employees.

AT&T chose the Slate 3000 switcher — with its built-in CG, clip store and multiview monitor — to simplify its production processes and make them more portable. In the past, AT&T relied on analog production systems in multiple cases, but now one technical person can complete its mobile production projects. This cuts down integration time and saves its clients money.

With the Slate 3000 AT&T typically uses a four-camera setup. In one configuration, a single operator controls three Panasonic AK-HC1500G box-style cameras with Fujinon HAS18x7.6BMD-DSE lenses. A second configuration uses the Panasonic cameras as studio cameras. In addition, a Panasonic AJ-HDX900 camcorder is available for studio or ENG use.

During its live webcasts, AT&T records its productions using the line out from the Slate 3000 to a DVCPRO HD VTR, and simultaneously captures a QuickTime file to an external RAID for native editing using Final Cut Pro.