Broadcast Pix Supplies Wilmington Community TV With BPSwitch

CHELMSFORD, Mass.—A recent upgrade to the control room at Wilmington Community Television, a PEG station in Wilmington, Mass., included the installation of the BPSwitch GX integrated production switcher from Broadcast Pix.

According to Adam Dunesberry, the operations manager for WCTV, the installation of the Broadcast Pix system resulted in a decluttering of extra gear in the control room, including playback decks and an external CG, as the BPSwitch console could handle graphics and video roll-ins itself.

All roll-ins and opens are stored in the BPSwitch using its Watch-Folders media management system. Producers are able to upload assets from an NLE using the integrated BPNet cloud-based video workflow service.

Meanwhile, the graphics are being produced with the built-in NewBlueNTX multi-layer 3D motion graphics CG. There is also the integrated BPview customizable multi-view that feeds four monitors in the control room.

The BPSwitch was added to the WCTV control room earlier in March.