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Broadcast International/Vivicast Partner in OTT/IPTV Deal

Broadcast International and Vivicast have announced that they are combining efforts to enhance the delivery of Over-The-Top (OTT) and Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) content. Broadcast International is a provider of technology for content delivery, including the company’s CodecSys video compression software. Vivicast is a licensor of entertainment programming aimed at the multiscreen market.

“We've built the most robust lineup of programming content for IPTV and OTT network providers in the industry,” said Stuart Smitherman, CEO of Vivicast. “It is critical to protect the value of our offerings by ensuring the final user enjoys the highest quality viewing experience possible, regardless of how the access or view the content. CodecSys ensures that every program, every stream, on every device is delivered with Cinema-Quality Video at the lowest bandwidth possible. It delivers tremendous network efficiencies while improving the viewing experience of our content.”

Steve Jones, general manager of Broadcast International’s CodecSys division also expressed his thoughts on the collaboration between the two entities.

“Our customers are under constant battle to retain their subscribers and one of the most compelling means to do so is to deliver a broader and customizable lineup of programming choices,” said Jones. “Vivicast can instantly rejuvenate a provider's offerings which will secure customer loyalty, prevent attrition, and stave off competitive threats. Their turn-key approach, coupled with our platform provides a streamlined OTT solution that can be deployed in very short order.”

The agreement terms called for joint services to be offered to mutual OTT and IPTV customers and partners. Terms of the deal were not made available.