Brillian debuts 65-inch liquid-crystal-on-silicon HD monitor

Brillian, a designer of rear projection video devices, has unveiled its first television product — a 65-inch rear-projection HDTV monitor based on the company’s proprietary and patent-pending Gen II LCoS microdisplay technology.

With three 1280x720-pixel (720p) microdisplays, the BR6501m/i claims to offer the highest commercially available LCOS contrast ratios—up to 2000:1—in a rear-projection HDTV. It features a 160-degree viewing angle, an ultra-fine-pitch 16:9 widescreen, artifact-free full-motion video through its three-panel architecture, and outstanding audio performance with its high-end audio system, all in a sleek design that measures a mere 20-inches in depth. The HDTV monitor can support an over-the-air ATSC tuner, Cablecard, and specific OEM custom features through a flexible, add-on expansion port.

Brillian is leveraging its Gen II LCoS technology in conjunction with components from other industry-leading providers to develop complete HDTV systems that deliver high image quality and price/performance for its customers. The 65-inch 720p HDTV is the first in a family of 720p and 1080p HDTVs the company plans to unveil. OEM-branded versions of Brillian’s 720p HDTV will be available in the second half of 2004.

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