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Research Firm Deems Beijing a Multiplatform Proving Ground

JupiterResearch in New York is pegging next month“s Olympics from Beijing as possibly the most challenging cross-platform coverage event ever attempted by a media operation.

“While the most popular Olympic events fill a near 24-hour broadcast schedule that appeals to a more general audience,” JupiterResearchers said in a statement, “it will take masterful planning and execution to promote online and mobile offerings to both niche and mass-market audiences, all while dancing around rights issues and potential cannibalization.”

JupiterResearch expects the Beijing Games to expand the typical online audience of roughly 12 percent of adult Web users who said they“d watched a live event online. The event gives NBC an unprecedented opportunity to experiment with advertising options such as behavioral targeting, JupiterResearch analysts said. However, the danger of cannibalization comes in because nearly two-thirds of online users watch TV while they surf the “Net, so cross-platform content will have to be carefully choreographed.