Boxx TV to Demonstrate Wireless ENG Transmitter at the 2014 NAB Show

LAS VEGAS—At this year’s NAB Show, Boxx TV will demonstrate Zenith, a new long-range wireless ENG transmitter with reduced delay, built-in talkback, and tally and iris control for live broadcasting.

This latest model reduces latency from four to two frames, keeping the signal in sync. Boxx TV also added an SDI loop feature, which allows an additional monitor, such as a Steadicam monitor, to display the camera image being sent to the director’s monitor. There’s also a remote control feature for iris and tally lights, and a built-in talkback system that gives camera operators instant communication with others on set. With this talkback system, the Zenith transmitter could be used as an alternative to handheld talkback radios.

Boxx TV’s Zenith transmitter and receiver operate in the license-exempt 5.1 – 5.9 GHz band, and provide reliable links over ranges up to 1km. They have achieved distances as far as 30km in a point-to-point set-up. The Zenith system uses H.264 encoding and 1080i/60p and offers HDMI or HD-SDI input versions.

The 2014 NAB Show takes place in Las Vegas, April 5-10.

Boxx TV will be in booth C10108.

Claudia Kienzle