BNS launches cost-effective HD VOD via IPTV

BNS has launched an advanced in-room entertainment, room control and A/V solution for hotels and multi dwelling unit (MDU) developers looking to meet their customers’ expectations for HD content delivered to their room. Part of the offering includes state-of-the-art room automation and A/V facility design and installation that are based on IP delivery.

Based on carrier-class IPTV designs to ensure highest reliability and robustness, the new Native Turnaround Channel solution delivers HD-quality resolution and is based on open standards, which makes it easy and cost effective to migrate to future technologies.

Connected via an IP network, the system is centrally programmed and controlled via an easy to operate management software. It is easy to operate and integrates seamlessly with existing Property Management Systems (PMS).

The BNS Native Turnaround Channel solution includes SD and HD video options that retain the maximum broadcast video quality from the original video source while enabling the delivery of all digital broadcast channels at zero loss of quality and without enterprise-class encoders, which can be extremely cost-effective.

It enables full in-room control of lighting, temperature and ambience and remote room activation, as well as multiroom A/V conference facility design.

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