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BMW unveils futuristic complex in Munich

BMW-Welt (BMW-World) unveiled a new development in its brand-enhancing efforts in Munich, Germany, last month.

Constructed by Coop Himmelblau architects from Vienna (Co-Operative Blue Sky or Heavenly Construction), the futuristic steel and glass complex inspired by the Acropolis in Athens houses a delivery center for new vehicles and a multipurpose events forum for concerts, shows, live broadcasts conferences, events and exhibitions related to technology and design.

A total of 109 plasma displays are installed inside this structure to form a media dome of light and sound. Here, as well as in every other part of the complex, all the audio, video and public address systems were designed, sourced and installed by Salzbrenner Stagetec Mediagroup.

To complete the experience, there are also shops, restaurants and a transport education center. The avant-garde architecture also features a transparent double cone resembling a cyclone prominently positioned at the southern entrance to the building called the “heart of the BMW brand at BMW-Welt.”

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