Blue Order incorporates MOG’s filters for archiving

MOG Solutions has formed a partnership with Blue Order to integrate MOG’s filters in Media Archive, Blue Order’s Enterprise media asset management platform.

Blue Order chose MOG’s DirectShow filters, a series of software tools that allows the playout of any kind of MXF files. It works in both high-resolution and proxy, and the decoding of all operational patterns, including OP Atom.

Media Archive provides a framework to support new digital content services and optimize workflows. Media companies use the system to collect, index, catalog, retrieve and distribute audio-visual and multiformat content. Blue Order is headquartered in Germany with subsidiaries in the UK and U.S.

MOG has enabled several major media companies to accelerate their migration to file-based production. Building on the widespread adoption of the MXF file format, MOG’s workflow product line targets process automation and workflow streamlining.

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